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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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our top story: the government is warning private pilots they could be shot down... if they violate a no-fly zone over chicago during the nato summit. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. good afternoon the fled advisory ban on noncommercial aircraft over chicago during the nato summit is another temporary flight restriction of the kind that pilots near the executive air corpports here have gotten used to ... the duration however is longer may 19th-21st ... regularly scheduled commercial passenger and cargo carriers are
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permitted to fly along with police ambulance and military aircraft what that means for corporate travel is that the use of midway is shut down ... private aircraft must locate for that weekend somewhere else ... those using private planes out of these executive airports need to plan ahead ... >> pilots have to be more vigilant about the timing of davis choose to fly and coordination with schedules and accommodation for the needs of clients >> flight restrictions have become a way of life for aviation and corporate aviation we've got used to this our association however is concerned about the impact it has on small businesses underneath these temporary spot flight restrictions
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>> pilots here say that violations are rare and there would have to be very flatlanflagrant. you'll still get your mail deliveries during the nato summit --but there may be a few changes for people living near downtown. all post offices will remain open during the meetings. but --some street mail boxes around downtown and mccormick place will be removed from the 13-th through the 23-rd. nato security could also affect some mail delivery to the areas impacted by the summit. you can find those zip codes at our website... an evidence analyst with the illinois state police is on the witness stand today at the william balfour murder trial. balfour is accused of killing three members of singer jennifer hudson's family.. her mother, darnell donerson.. her brother jason hudson.. and her seven- year-old nephew, julian king. yesterday, prosecution witness and former hudson family neighbor reginald jones admitted he helped jason hudson deal drugs.
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jones also testified he caught balfour spying on his estranged wife, julia hudson jennifer's sister.. just weeks before the murders. two people have been charged in the shooting of a man who was trying to get back his cell phone. gregory and sheridan are both charged with attempted first degree murder. police say the victim lost his cell phone. the person who found it offered to meet him in forest park to return it. when they met, the gunman
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demanded money for the phone -- and the victim refused. he was shot in the neck and remains in critical condition. a former finance official for the illinois town of dixon may have stolen nearly twice a much money as first thought. last month... rita crundwell was charged with stealing 30-million dollars from the city... and hiding it in a secret bank account. federal prosecutors now say the fraud goes back 22-years... and totals 53-million dollars. she's accused of using the money money to buy three luxury homes... more than a dozen vehicles.. and a horse farm. crundwell is due back in court next week. cook county says it's having a hard time getting paid back nearly six-point-six million dollars mistakenly sent to the town of country club hills. the southern suburb took out a loan from chase bank, and the county treasurer's office paid it off with tax revenue. but a second six-point-six million dollar payment was also made to country club hills. and now officials can't account for that extra cash. we have about $7.2 million in the bank right now offer a word to return the 6.2 million the city would need to shut down its a misappropriation of funds on the part of the mayor we couldn't reach mayor dwight welch to discuss the situation. he did talk to us last year to answer allegations of excessive spending on his city credit card. pension reform in chicago has reached a critical point... with mayor emanuel threatening a
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dramatic property tax increase to fund the troubled system. while emanuel looks for a solution... former mayor richard daley is exploiting a legal loophole to boost his own pension. wgn's tonya francisco is live in the newsroom with more. the irony in all of this is emanuel's predecessor contributed to the city's pension problems while fattening his own pension payout. a wgn chicago tribune investigation found that two years after mayor richard daley was first elected mayor he take advantage of the state's convoluted pension system setting him up with a sweet pension deal. a law passed in 1981 allowed him to use the years he served as state state senator to rejoin the pension fund ... he was allowed to combine years as mayor state's attorney and years in the state legislator to set himself up for benefits for 85 percent of his
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merrill salary far better than that of a city worker for eight annual pension in the six figures ... in doing so the former mayor was able to build a $184,000 a year retirement nest egg ... because he did not pay into the pension plan to most workers do the taxpayers are footing his retirement bill >> this is an example of why the state legislature needs to wake up and stop treating the pension system as if it is their personal piggy bank mayor daley was called but he daley declined to be interviewed for this story, but in an email - his spokeswoman wrote - 'i can only assume that his pension was handled in the same manner that anyones would be, given the length of service, nearly 40 years in government. in the
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newsroom, tonya francisco, wgn news. coming up next: reports that the chinese activist hold up at the u-s embassy in beijing was forced to family. president obama vows to finish the job in afghanistan as the offensive. and a new jersey's mom shocking love of tanning has her in trouble with the law. we'll tell you why. it's time to get going. to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip-hop. with the energizing support and cushioning
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blind active as to escape from chinese custody over the weekend has left the american embassy, where he had been seeking asylum. chen guangcheng who escaped from house arrest, had reportedly been staying at the united states embassy in beijing. but a friend has informed cnn that chan left the embassy underdress the friend who wishes to remain anonymous said that chinese authorities
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threatened his family if he did not agree to leave the embassy she claims that chan and his family are not out of danger secretary of state hillary clinton is also in beijing today to begin economic talks with chinese officials ... president obama addressed the nation last night from afghanistan during a surprise visit to that country his trip came on the anniversary of the osama bin laden killing the president signed a strategic partnership agreement with afghan president tommy karzai it promises u.s. support lasting 10 years beyond 2014 which is when nato troops combat role is scheduled to end >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for national security in the united states we must finish the job we began here and in this war responsibly ... >> the president also committed
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to calling out 23,000 troops from afghanistan by the end of this summer. a suicide car bomb killed at least seven people in kabul after the president left that the taliban claimed responsibility five self-described anarchists are in custody after an fbi sting foiled a bomb plot. the five suspects are accused of plotting to blow up a bridge about 15 mi. south of cleveland they allegedly talked about causing chaos at the upcoming nato summit in chicago as well the fbi says there was no real danger to the public because the explosives were in hurt and were controlled by an undercover fbi employee but wgn's terrorism analyst tom much caddis said even plots like this need to be taken seriously in many cases these random actors these lone wolves are harder to trace because they don't leave that intelligence footprints that a larger
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organization group does experts say that bridges can be terrorist targets for numerous reasons besides carrying traffic many bridges also have oil and gas pipelines and fiber-optic cables running under the there is one utility line indio higher bridge targeted in this plot and at least one fiber optic line in that area nearby a bosnian immigrant to the united states is convicted in a new york subway bombing plot he was found guilty yesterday on all counts charged against him during the 10th day trial prosecutors said that the 2009 plot was one of the closest calls attempted terrorism since the september 11th attacks too high school friends also involved in that plot pleaded guilty and testified against a decent mundanethe bosnian emigr
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we're live here at the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg on the money report ... private payroll processing company adp said one under 19,000 jobs were added last month far short of the wine is 70,000 projected ... is the fewest number of workers added in seven months this is just a preview of what we might hear from the labor department when it reports the monthly job growth numbers and unemployment figures coming out friday wall street will be waiting ... there's a pullback in demand for
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aircraft and morgan stanley economist say that the manufacturing sector is showing impressive resilience and slowing global demand ... and facebook expects to market its initial public offering to investors in the canning and might go public by the end of the month that would be the largest internet ipo in history ... discounts and cheap financing are at the lowest in seven years for car dealers the biggest incentives are offered on the larger gas guzzling vehicles ... general motors is spending the most on incentives to get people to buy their cars ... more people are buying stick shift cars lately those models are typically cheaper than those with automatic transmissions ... stocks are currently trading lower as
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traders react to that jobs report unemployment in the european zone has risen to a 15 year high and that is contributing to markets at this hour coming up next a fire tears through studio owned by tyler perry ... and a woman is scrutinized for bringing a five year-old to a tanning salon >> and its staggering statistics about how many teenagers are regularly smoking marijuana ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead
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criminal charges will be filed today against several people... for the death of a student at florida a&m university. the student is believed to have been a victim of hazing. robert champion was a drum
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major, and a member of the band. some bandmates claim he died after he took part in something called "crossing bus c." he had to run down the aisle of a bus... while he was punched and kicked. officials say he suffered multiple blunt trauma blows to his body. no word yet on who's expected to be charged. the john edwards campaign finance trial continues today.cheri young is expected to wrap up her testimony. she is the wife of edwards' former aide, andrew young. yesterday in court edwards' attorneys attacked her credibility. and under cross examination young admitted her husband drank heavily and took sleeping pills to deal with the stress of covering-up edwards love child with rielle hunter. josh brumberger is also expected to take the stand today. he is a former aide for edwards who was reportedly present when edwards first met his mistress at a hotel in new york city. newt gingrich will end his run for the white house today. gingrich will announce he's dropping-out of the republican presidential primary... this afternoon in arlington virginia. he's expected to throw his support behind the clear front- runner... mitt romney. plans are underway for the two of them to appear together at a formal endorsement event.
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gingrich won 141 delegates during the primary. a four-alarm fire damages tyler perry's studios in atlanta. the fire broke out shortly before nine last night. the multi-million dollar studios sit on 60 acres and include five sound stages, a theater, a chapel and other offices. nobody was injured but the flames caused one building to partially collapse. firefighters have not yet determinded the cause of the fire. last year, perry topped forbes' "entertainment's highest-paid men" list, raking in 130- million dollars. a woman in new jersey- is charged with taking her five- year-old daughter into a tanning booth. reporter, derrick dennis has the story. i have been tanning my whole life going to the beach and to tanning salons and so forth this 44 year-old woman loves to go tanning she might be addictive >> i love tanning
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>> this mother of five from nutley new jersey pushes surrounds can to the limit she is adamant that she would never tanning her daughter anna who is 6 year-old unfair scanned but that's what the police arrested her for child endangerment for taking the child with her to the tanning salon putting her on a tanning bed causing a slight burn >> deep to get a suntan? >> yes i did ... it >> it never happened >> she said her daughter got a tan from playing at side in the sunshine ... >> when the school nurse asked the child said that she went tanning with her mommy >> she's 6 years old she does
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not come into the booth with me ... trying to question the girl you could see how she may not tell the story as it has happened ... the woman is in trouble with the law ... the incident has darkened her favorite hobby but not enough to stop her ... instead of parking his customers' cars, a parking lot owner is accused of taking them for a joyride. in cocoa, florida, this long- term parking lot caters to cruise ship passengers. a local news station got a tip the owner was using some of the more expensive cars like they were his own... so they set up a sting. a couple pretending to be headed for vacation dropped off their red corvette. within hours, reporters say jay nieves was driving all over town. he used the car for two days... running errands, hauling lumber and even letting a dog run around on the car. whose car are you driving up their ...
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let me show you this video derecognize these people in this car? >> we are not recognizing anyone after the news story aired the parking lot shut down. some vacationers returned to find no employees on duty... and their keys in the car door. police are investigating. sounds like a scene from the movie "ferris bueller's day off." some heavy rains are headed our way. tom skilling is next with the full forecast.
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the moon will be extra big and extra bright this weekend. the full moon saturday night will be a "supermoon" because it will be at its closest point to earth this year. this video is of last year's supermoon, which happened in march. the moon's eliptical orbit will bring it about three-percent closer to earth than usual. and it'll appear about 16- percent brighter.
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we may have a problem with that this weekend. we have warm weather if you have been outside. it is warm. the warmest and nearly six weeks. we've had thunderstorms flirting with our area ... and more to accomplish. we are at risk of getting more rain in the next week and we have in the last 32 days. not a bad thing we have been quite dry. these clouds may break from time to time. allowing some sunshine. this was a big cluster look at
12:29 pm
the way it is shrinking ... storms are passing to the north but we have an environment that is warming ... much of this part of the country is warming up rapidly. 72 degrees here in chicago right now ... we are getting them warm air travelling up from the gulf states bringing us a 80 degree temperatures we're confident we will reach that by this afternoon. here are the high temperatures for tomorrow back into the 80s and a big way but there is a big canadian high turning wind off of the lake front on friday cooling things down for the weekend.
12:30 pm
the flow of warm air will go right up to the lakefront. we will be in the '60s overnight back into the 80s tomorrow. temperatures will be fluctuating on friday as the wind turns northeast. here is the forecast of those scattered thunderstorm clusters they can be formidable. lots of moisture in the atmosphere more than we've had made months. showers can reach us by the morning. serum weather may break out on the yellow sections on this map there is still a risk in place for thursday and friday as well
12:31 pm
any storm cluster can get serious with wind shear. they did it downstate yesterday. the warm air will last through friday and an will collapse. the wind will be blowing up over the weekend calling us down from the northeast. it was quite windy this morning 40 mi. per hour ... it is windy out there 78 degrees at o'hare and midway 71 degrees 72 at
12:32 pm
mccann mayhenry... it is cloudy and kankakee and in the willamette you can see how these clusters to the southwest are menacing as we heat up this afternoon more showers can develop we will get some rainshowers into the evening severe weather is possible over the next several days with intermittent rain showers. we
12:33 pm
went from 65 may 1st we project 75 degrees the average for the end of the month ... we'll have more than twice the rate of rainfall over the next several days. the storm front will be selling to the south by friday and we will receive that cold air from canada oil was off for the weekend. today warm human severe weather predicted such breaks predicted the high temperature will be 83 degrees today. mostly cloudy and humid tonight thunderstorm clusters some will produce downpours low
12:34 pm
temperatures 64 degrees. tamara warm humid with a mix of thunderstorms once again the high temperature 86 degrees friday will be cooler '70s and lent in the '50s and the lakeshore i will have the weekend forecast on the seventh day at the end of the broadcast it's time for today's trivia ... a group of ducks is called
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rose presented the game ball at the u-c, and watched from the stands. joakim noah hit ten of eleven field goals, and scored a team- high 21 points... bulls led by eight at halftime. but the sixers outscored the bulls 36-14 in the third quarter, and shot 59-percent overall... the highest the bulls allowed all year. the sixers also outscored the bulls in fast-break points 25- to- 8. jrue holiday scored a game- high 26 points, and the bulls lose game two, 109-92. they travel to philadelphia on friday, with the series tied. we're just disappointed. we did not play well defensively we did not play well offensively we got our butts kicked no excuses we know we can play better than we have today ... coach tom thibodeau will not repeat as n-b-a coach of the year. the award goes to san antonio spurs head coach, greg popovich for the second time. the bulls and spurs both
12:38 pm
finished tied with the best records in the league. thibodeau finished in a distant second in voting, despite having his starting- five for only 15 games. rain delayed the sox and indians about an hour on the south side. sox down a run in the second... a-j pierzynski hits a solo home run to right to tie it... it's his fifth of the year. still tied next inning, when gordon beckham hits his first home run of the year, to break an oh- for- ten slump... he was three- for- four, and raised his averagee 37 points. sox win 7-2, and chris sale gets his third win of the year. cubs were rained out in cincinnati... they'll try again tonight at six, right here on wgn. the n-f-l delivers another round of punishments... for the "bounty gate" scandal plaguing the new orleans saints. saints linebacker jonathan vilma is suspended for the whole 20-12 season. he's accused of offering 10- thousand dollars to any teammate who knocked out quarterbacks brett favre an kurt varner. saints defensive end will smith was hit with a four-game ban.
12:39 pm
former saints player... defensive lineman anthony hargrove is suspended eight games... and linebacker scott fujita for three. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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here are the winning picks three numbers: 5 4 9 here are the winning pick four numbers: 5 8 9 2
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funeral services are held today for a soldier killed in afghanistan. w-g-n's robert jordan is live in hammond, indiana... with more on how army staff sergeant david nowaczyk is being remembered. in medical watch.. the hearst carrying his body has left the funeral home and ham and indiana to take david nowaczyk to his final resting place ... he was killed in afghanistan april 15th and used by an improvised explosive device the 32 year-old soldier was a married father of two
12:44 pm
children his wife rachel said that he was an avid golfer who wanted to go to a pro golfing school in florida when he got discharged this was his third tour of duty he leaves behind a stepson and a one-year-old daughter looks just like him according to his wife ... >> he was a young man of good father they ought to be proud of him ... >> is very tough on the family but they must be proud ... >> the u.s. is a beautiful country and anyone that defends its freedom ... it's so tough ... >> many were craving for it their loss ... many were grieving and for the
12:45 pm
loss the family suffered ... >> we want to give the people of afghanistan this message we hope they appreciate the price we are paying for their liberation he was awarded two bronze stars and a purple heart more teenagers are smoking marijuana.. and some are smoking it a lot... according to a new survey.. 27 percent of teens say they smoked pot last year.. up from 19 percent in 2008. the percentage of teens smoking pot 20 or more times a month also jumped from five percent to nine percent. among other findings of the survey.. one in ten teens report they used presecription pain meds.. vicodin or oxycontin.. last year. that's down from a peak of 15 percent in 2009. use of harder drugs like cocaine has stabilized in recent years.
12:46 pm
a new study concludes that the risk of cancer overshadows the risk of radiation-induced malignancy among young adults who have c-t scans. researchers analyzed medical records of more than 23 thousand patients aged 18 to 35 who had either chest c-t scans or abdominal scans in three boston hospitals. some were scanned 15 times or more. the researchers report the patients were more than *35 times more likely* to die of their underlying disease than to develop a radiation induced cancer. garlic may be the solution to fight off food poisoning. researchers at washington state university found that a compound in garlic is one-hundred times more effective at fighting a source of food-borne illness than antibiotics. most infections are caused by eating raw of undercooked poulty or eating foods that have been cross-contaminated. researchers say the compound can be used to make foods safer to eat. it could also extend shelf life of packaged foods and reduce the growth of potentially bad bacteria.
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chicago has become a world- class city for dinning. a new book -- chicago chef's table: extraordinary recipes from the windy city-- features more than 50 of the city's best chefs and their recipes. book author and local food
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now... along with jared van camp, executive chef of old town social and nellcôte (which our own phil vettle just gave a rave review). amalia when i went through this book i found sell many terrific recipes from my favorite places there is definitely a level of skill in this book some are easy some are challenging i just wanted to bring these restaurants to people's homes >> you must be awfully skilled to get the is away from the chefs and into the book ... i was thrilled with how gracious and how generous they were with their time and their recipes it was a wonderful project for me >> is a great book ... i'm very excited to try some
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today we are making duckling wings .. these are raw duck wings.... we wanted to be a bit different... we have a different take on hot sauce we have some butter but we use an asian chili paste. we have a few differeent chiles we toast in the oven, remove the
12:52 pm
seeds and we put them into a puree with cumin and corriander and other spices... great flavor... >> i was able to test a lot of these recipes myself. that can be made well ahead. it's great with lots of meats..
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sugar salt thyme.. and we cook the duck wings in their own fat after marinateing them for a day. we cook them for 3 hours at a low temperature.. we then fry them. they get crispy without flour.
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we dip them in the chili paste and then we use a cucumber and yogurt raita to cool them off it's a great dipping sauce for the duck wings we also have a grilled estrogen dish with a vegetable fricasseesturgeon
12:55 pm
dish with a vegetable fricassee join amelia for a book signing at depaul university bookstore -- 1 e. jackson blvd in chicago. that's tonight at 6pm. and for more information on today's recipe or to watch the segment again.. log on to
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a group of ducks is called a team. that's interesting we have seen them fight over i never seem to know what they are called as a group ... >> how much rain are we getting tom skilling >> a good amount steve ... it has been a diminishing trend but
12:58 pm
we expect things to pick up again as the evening yearsnears... currently it's 87 degrees in st. louis 82 and 6 cincinnati and 75 here in chicago ... we're still in the mid '70s 75 degrees at o'hare airport kankakee is up to 79 valparaiso's 78 degrees ... the humidity is 53% ... the dew points will be at the highest level for eight months reflecting all the moisture in the air coming up from the gulf of mexico ... the pollen counts are low to moderate
12:59 pm
this is a depiction of the wind fields blowing up from the southern united states ... the rainfall numbers are pretty impressive that's just through sunday ... we are going to the '80s tomorrow '60s on friday and fifties over the weekend with clouds and showers ... thank you for joining us today we hope you have


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